Acute Stress

panic 1          1st Aid for Acute Stress

Have you just suffered a shock, sudden bereavement, been given some bad news? This treatment is to help you to gain control again over your upset. Its a 2 hour session where you have time for you. Time for you to get your head together to face the rest of the day and work out how you are going to tackle your difficulties. We should all take time out for ourselves but often we don’t. We already live very busy lives, When facing something unforeseen it can throw us off balance and leave us feeling hopeless.

relaxation            The Session

During the 2 hours you will receive an hours deep hypnotic stress busting relaxation allowing  your mind to quieten. So you can once again gain clarity and focus.  Following on is one hours luxurious massage using a blend of essential oils to calm nerves and melt away tension. Prolonged upset and worry can be damaging. With careful management you can be back on track and juggling everything once again.

The Cost

The 2 hour session is at a cost of £120.00

At the end of the session clients are given a pack to take away to help with keeping control over your stress.

Here is a link to a quick tip on tackling an attack of stress