The Benefits Of Gratitude

gratitude day grateful words


I’m so grateful to everyone who takes the time to read this post and would like to thank you. The benefits of gratitude are all yours. 

 As a child most of us were taught manners and told to say thank you. It may have been that if you come from a religious family you said grace before a meal. The feeling that is attached to the things we say is what is important here, very often this is not taught to us as a child. Being grateful and more importantly feeling the gratitude is what brings the rewards.

Having gratitude creates more positivity, optimism and harmony in your life. Then you don’t have as much room in your life for negativity and all that comes along with it. With more harmony and positivity you feel better, your health improves, and you have greater clarity and focus allowing you to move forward in life. You can feel the joy in what you have in your life right now, show gratitude by saying thank you and really feeling it.

 And what are the benefits to all this if just having a positive attitude is not enough. Well we all have a vibration frequency, absolutely everything on this planet does and we act like a magnet attracting things to us that match that frequency. So, when you start off by stubbing your toe when you get out of bed and that puts you in a foul mood and as the day unravels it just gets worse……….. Has that ever happened to you? Or you get stuck in traffic and the lights seem to be against you and you become really angry and agitated and then you are late for your meeting and the day goes from bad to worse.

And isn’t it great when we get up in a morning you feel good you bump into an old friend and have a really good chat, you don’t care what the weather does because your mood is lifted, you get home and someone has cooked for you, or they have booked a surprise, or perhaps you enjoy time together with a loved one.

Being grateful raises your vibration and so if your vibration is high it will match that in the universe, if you have a low vibration (mood) then it will be matched with the same out there in the universe drawing to you unwanted circumstances.

Be grateful for what you already have and more will come, embrace and express gratitude for everything. You can have fun with it, start to exercise your gratitude muscle by creating your future and attracting what you want into your life.

Start by moving the feeling of gratitude of what you have into what you want, really feel the gratitude and more will follow.

Each evening write down at least 3 things that you have been truly grateful for that day, you can then write down things that you want in your life and make a positive affirmation around that want as if you already have it. Start in your note pad with I am so happy and grateful that today I had lunch with a friend in the park….. had a wonderful nights’ sleep…… found £10.00 in my jean’s pocket….. spent time with family……… Am alive!…………. took a call from a friend and it goes on.

 Gratitude allows you to be in the now and not deliberating over the past and worrying about the future that hasn’t actually happened.

 So come on you already are reaping what you sow, so make it good!

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