motivation-burnouthamster wheel

Is this you? Do you ever feel if you don’t get off the hamster wheel you will burn out?

Most of us at some point have been here or maybe about to reach burn out! I think we often expect a great deal form ourselves and don’t respect the need for down time. Often we have the home to look after, want the garden to look nice, the car needs cleaning, kids want sorting out you want to perform well at work because you care. …….The list can be endless, the balance sometimes just tips against us and we feel we are not doing enough.

Who is the person telling you are not doing enough? It is most likely yourself………..

What is draining your energy?

Lists can be useful and here I want you to make a list of no more than ten things that drain your energy. It could be a mountain of post/ bills/ ironing, It could be that you haven’t had the chat with your in laws or parents that you need to, visited your child’s school about an issue, fixed the mirror in the bathroom and so on. All these things can build together, we become overwhelmed and feel our energy drain. The write a plan of action of when and how you will tackle the issues, pin your action plan list somewhere where you see it daily and take action! Simple you know longer have the overwhelm sapping your energy but a clear plan of what, how and when, giving you back control and energy!.

 Switch off

Switch off the TV, radio, games etc. have sometime just you and your family / friends, sit and have a meal together, cook together, plan together and communicate! You may even be inspired to get out an old board game.


1 hour a week

Plan your power hour a week, set aside 60 minutes a week for you to tackle small jobs that can hold you back, maybe setting up a standing order, sorting any paper work and bills, make calls, reply to emails etc. Make sure you get this time to yourself to sort out all those things that are often left to the last minute creating stress and panic. Once done you will feel better and have more time to enjoy


You can say no, this is your opportunity to become more assertive and say no when you don’t want to do something that isn’t going to benefit you in any way. This also gives you back your self esteem and time for things that are important to you, .thus you have more energy .

Have a break

When you are busy make sure you have small short breaks for a cuppa or some fresh air, stretch your legs maybe. We all have a limited concentration span and once we have had a break can work more effectively. Move away from your working environment to come back refreshed even if it’s just stretching your legs to the kitchen to make a drink.


Good luck on implementing these tips and feeling re-energised.