• Making a Mindshift

      FREE CHEAT SHEET! I know what it’s like when you are stuck, doing the same things and getting the same feelings and results. Well, what If I told you, you can make a mindshift, have a different mindset, one that helps with your focus and clarity and one that a different result will start Continue reading »

  • Say no, & improve self-esteem

    Do you ever feel too busy, pulled in all directions, no time for yourself? Then you need to start saying no to people. It can be really liberating learning to say no. Perhaps you will stop being taken for granted and that’s got to be good. Your self-esteem will rise as will your confidence. Be Continue reading »

  • Stress and loss of Sleep

    Stress causes us to lose 64 nights of sleep per year! A new study reveals that adults lose on average 64 nights of sleep every year. Do you get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night? On average, adults have been found to get just six hours and 36 minutes of sleep a night. This Continue reading »

  • Coping with Anxiety

      Here are some grounding and relaxation techniques to help you combat anxiety These techniques are simple and quick which is what is important when you are feeling stressed and or anxious, most can be done discretely so you don’t need to worry about attracting attention to yourself. I recommend that if you are a Continue reading »

  • Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep deprivation and your health We all know that a severe lack of sleep causes our energy levels to decline, but what other effects can it create? There are a number of health issues that severe sleep deprivation can contribute to  including obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart attack. When your body is sleep Continue reading »

  • Stop Smoking

                         Making resolutions in January for the upcoming year is common, but sadly so is breaking them. Quitting smoking is perhaps one of the easiest ones to break – all it takes is a stressful day back at work to feel the need for a nicotine hit. Continue reading »

  • Public Speaking

    Public speaking ………….. arghhhhh!! Public speaking, what emotion do you feel when you are required to speak publicly maybe it’s a presentation for work, talking to a local interest group, giving speeches, job interview? Maybe you are filled with dread, feel sick, perhaps when you have attempted public speaking you are lost for words, have Continue reading »

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

        There are 3 main patterns of I.B.S that people seem to suffer, these being IBS with constipation – repeated bouts of constipation IBS with diarrhoea – repeated bouts of diarrhoea IBS mixed – repeated bouts of constipation and diarrhoea You can switch between all three and or have long periods in between flare Continue reading »

  • The Benefits Of Gratitude

      I’m so grateful to everyone who takes the time to read this post and would like to thank you. The benefits of gratitude are all yours.   As a child most of us were taught manners and told to say thank you. It may have been that if you come from a religious family you Continue reading »

  • Don’t Panic!!!!!

            Don’t Panic!!!! Simply that term can make us panic, we hear the word panic and immediately we are on alert! For some panic attacks are a very common part of their lives and are no fun at all, when having a panic attack it can be quite crippling in some instances. Continue reading »