Your 1st steps to success
Your 1st steps to success

Charges are as follows:

Hypnotherapy and EFT with Tracy Woods is Monday to Thursday at a charge of £70.00 per session and can last between 45 and 60 mins.

Reiki sessions are at a charge of £44.00 for an hour

Stopping smoking charges are a total of £220.00

1st Aid for Stress: £120.00 for a 2-hour session

Book in by making initial contact here and Tracy will be in touch

Terms and conditions

Late cancellation charges: Please note that at least 72 hours’ notice is required to make a cancellation without charge. If less than 72 hours notice half fee applies, then the full charge if less than 24 hours notice.

Payment: All payments must be made and received at your 1st session by cash or cheque.

Investment for therapy and estimated number of sessions will be discussed before booking, and it is usual to pay for the full therapy program upfront as it helps secure your commitment to the treatment. However, we do understand that in some cases this may not be financially viable and a more suitable payment plan for you can be arranged.

No refunds will be issued if you decide to terminate once therapy has already commenced. I do understand that life can get in the way and hold your therapy open for a maximum of 12 months from commencement, however I do not encourage this practice as it reduces the efficiency of the therapy.

Session times: Sessions are 45-60 mins long and as per appointment times. If you are late for your appointment, it is unlikely that I will be able to extend the session accordingly. Full charges apply. Longer sessions, if required, are charged pro rata.

Be aware that a guarantee of a ‘cure’ cannot be made but with your commitment and desire hypnotherapy can help make the changes you want.

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