Don’t Panic!!!!!

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Don’t Panic!!!!

Simply that term can make us panic, we hear the word panic and immediately we are on alert! For some panic attacks are a very common part of their lives and are no fun at all, when having a panic attack it can be quite crippling in some instances.

Often people are so frightened by a panic attack they believe they are going to die and/or mistake it for a heart attack, thus always call the doctor or seek help from the accident and emergency department in hospital to rule out any medical complications. When finding it is a panic attack you may fear further panic attacks and so can become anxious and inadvertently bringing on other panic attacks and so can be self-perpetuating.

You really don’t have to put up with panic attacks you can learn to control them and hypnotherapy is a great tool to use. However here are some self help tips for you. 

 Helpful tips

 Breathing exercise

I recommend practicing long, deep breathing before any panic attack is evident. Sit relaxed and comfortable and focus on your breathing,

  • take in a breath through your nose if you can for a count of four
  • hold for a second
  • breath out through your mouth for a count of seven
  • repeat between four and seven times taking your time not to rush the exercise

Practice this so when you do have a panic attack you can use this exercise that you will be familiar with and be able to do without worrying if you have got it right. (You may even find generally you are more relaxed as a result of practising deep breathing)



Get positive self- talk going when you are having a panic attack. Tell yourself you are safe you can’t come to any harm, you are calm. You are in control of your symptoms and they will pass. Wherever you are just stop and start your breathing exercise and positive self- talk.


Shift your focus and visualise

Now you can stop thinking about your symptoms and shift your focus to a wonderful image of a place you feel safe, relaxed, calm and tranquil and imagine or picture yourself there. Its best to  practice this image before any panic attack arises so you aren’t panicking about finding your safe place in your mind’s eye in the middle of a panic attack.  


Lastly if you suffer panic attacks and have difficulty with them then please seek professional help, you don’t have to suffer and you don’t have to put up with them.