EFT and Reiki

               EFT is an energy therapy

Charge for 60 mins session £70.00

EFT arrived over here from America in the ’90s after being created by Gary Craig and is a talk and tap therapy and is a really simplistic therapy. While talking through an issue we tap tap on acupuncture points on the body. We don’t yet know entirely how it works but, what we do know is that it does work. Great success can be found with this simple technique. Tapping on the acupuncture points is said to re-balance energy in the body, creating good wellbeing. Furthermore, it also flushes out any negativity that has been holding you back from living your best life.

It is Gary Craig that said ‘The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption of the body’s energy system’  

Experience Emotional Freedom Technique and free yourself to allow personal growth.

EFT is a great tool to break down barriers and diminish the blocks that you may have planted that stop you from achieving your goals and desires. We can move forward in life when the barriers and blocks are removed, creating something magical for ourselves. It is most empowering and freeing. As a consequence, we feel more fulfilled with the ability to achieve more from having great clarity of mind.

EFT works by bringing the body’s energy back into balance. It’s not always plain sailing as we go through life. Some unfortunate experiences can be buried in our sub-conscious and thus often can sabotage our success and desires. Our sub-conscious works to protect us and keep us from harm. It does such a good job sometimes it stops us from moving forward at all. The good news is EFT is a non-invasive therapy that can balance us and teach our sub-conscious what is safe. Tracy will guide you skillfully through the tap and talk therapy so you can feel in more control, relaxed and free.


Charge for 60 min treatment £42.00

Reiki is also a non-invasive energy treatment. The only part you have to do is to set your intention of what you wish for from your healing. Tracy will place her hands on points of the body creating a warm relaxing feeling,  allowing the natural healing process to take place, mostly you will feel a deep sense of relaxation, gaining clarity and focus, a shifting of negative energy to create space for good wellbeing. When we have good wellbeing there is a sense of calm and trust in ourselves. Busy lifestyles can create a cluttered mind and, if you have had a particularly stressful time and need to unwind, Reiki is a great way to acheive that.