Motivation, have you got it?


Motivation we all need it, we see some with great strength and drive and we make excuses for ourselves that ‘I have no motivation’.

So where do we get this thing called motivation?  Can we buy it, loan it, do they stock it somewhere?  What’s the big secret to it all? Is it something really complicated?

Well we all have it there we just don’t always tap into it. It’s not something we can go and purchase, there is no great complexity to it.

So you have your project / goal or whatever it is you want to do , you may have apprehension you  may even be a little scared at what you are about to do. But, you make a start, you take some action to move forward to your goal and this is when your motivation is activated.  It’s simply by taking action and being productive that your motivation kicks in.

Lasting motivation comes from taking action and doing something with intention. Chunk down all your must dos to bite size so they take a maximum of 15 mins and act on them with intention. You feel great when you start ticking off your list, by then your motivation is on a roll and the results of your productivity give you all the motivation needed.

So when you lack motivation get up and DO SOMETHING! Be productive and motivation flows.