Online Sessions for Hypnotherapy

Tracy Woods Hypnotherapy online – feel better now!

I have taken Hypnotherapy online – contact me here to make a booking

Confidential Hypnotherapy Sessions are now available over Zoom for fears, phobias, anxiety, stress, and more.

There is nothing stopping you from working with me on your issue as travel is no longer an issue. Some clients prefer the convenience of online sessions. Distance from my clinic is no longer a barrier and there is less downtime from your busy day.

As long as you have access to a good internet connection with a microphone and webcam, we are good to go. Online is great if you live too far away from my workplace or would have difficulty getting there.

No longer can location stop you from accessing the help you need, you could be anywhere in the world.

It’s a great way to access my help with overcoming fears and phobias that make it difficult for you to leave the house. Just imagine relaxing in your own home while working on what you want to change. I will support you through change.

Examples of previous clients over the Internet have been:

a man with a medical condition stopping him from traveling,

a young woman with fear and anxiety about going to new places,

a young student who could not attend the clinic but wanted to work on her confidence to successfully pass her driving test, and many others.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can hypnotherapy be done online?

Answer: Yes they can, sessions are just as effective as if you were attending my clinic. If this sounds like it would suit you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and make the change you want in your life. Click to make contact here

Question: How many sessions of hypnotherapy do you need?

Answer: This will all depend on yourself and the issue and will be discussed with you to make a plan going forward.

Question: How much does hypnosis session cost?

Answer: A session is charged at £70.00

The cost for an online session: £70.00  to be paid upfront before the scheduled appointment.

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