Public Speaking

Public speaking ………….. arghhhhh!!

Public speaking, what emotion do you feel when you are required to speak publicly maybe it’s a presentation for work, talking to a local interest group, giving speeches, job interview? Maybe you are filled with dread, feel sick, perhaps when you have attempted public speaking you are lost for words, have a dry mouth, sweat profusely, suffer blushing, even hyperventilate. There is a whole host of symptoms you could have if you have a fear of public speaking or simply just freeze with nerves.

The key to combat all of that is to keep calm under pressure………………..easier said than done. When we fear something our fight or flight response is triggered and if we have nowhere to run to and I strongly advise not to start fighting with your audience then we suffer the symptoms. We need to train to be relaxed, the more we practice the easier it becomes to induce relaxation and stop the fight or flight response from being triggered. When we are more relaxed we have greater clarity and control over our words and actions, the words flow easily and our actions show confidence.

Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help instil confidence in yourself. With confidence you may still get a little nervous but no longer suffer all the horrid symptoms from the fight or flight response that goes on in our bodies when we fear something and don’t have the confidence to overcome it. What would you achieve by getting over the fear of public speaking? Do you have a speech to give at a wedding, do you have to perform to get that promotion you are after, have you an event coming up which requires standing up in a room full of people all eyes on you? How will you feel when you achieve and overcome your nerves, there is nothing stopping you…..