Say no, & improve self-esteem

Do you ever feel too busy, pulled in all directions, no time for yourself? Then you need to start saying no to people. It can be really liberating learning to say no. Perhaps you will stop being taken for granted and that’s got to be good. Your self-esteem will rise as will your confidence.

Be empowered

Lots of people out there are people pleasers, they please everyone except themselves. This can lead to feeling exhausted, run down, unappreciated. Your self-esteem struggles as you try to do it all and achieve very little some of the time. Why do we please everyone? Maybe its about wanting to be liked, more realistically you are just taken for granted and expected to pick up the slack whether that’s at home or at work….or both. Saying no can be freeing for us, start saying no when whatever it is doesn’t fit with you, the world will still carry on should you attend that play with friends or not.

Busy Lives

We all tend to live busy lives and we all have a level of expectation that we place upon ourselves and that others place upon us. But because of our busy lives its perhaps important now more than ever that you do say no to something that doesn’t fit with your schedule, say no to something that you don’t actually want to do and don’t have to do. We all need some down time to recharge and go again. We all have our own needs to fulfil rather than someone else’s all of the time. Once you start saying no it will become easier as your confidence and self-esteem will automatically improve. You will feel more in control, people will get used to the new you and they will learn to accept your new found confidence.  Set boundaries for yourself and be more assertive, you don’t need a reason or to justify saying no.