Stop Smoking

stop smoking

Have you tried to stop smoking before? Have you stopped smoking only to go back to it? Do you want to stop smoking? Smoking is a habit and I can help you stop that habit. With your motivation and commitment you can stop smoking. Call me on 079868 55991 to discuss further. The smoking cessation program is either one session or it can be split over a 2 week period. 

Stopping smoking can be a real challenge. But it’s one of the best things you can do for your health. There are many dangers associated with smoking and a huge increase in risk to your health, It’s a leading cause of cancer and increases your risk for heart attacks, strokes, lung disease and other health problems.

It’s never too late to pack in with the cigarettes. There are immediate health benefits when you stop. So there has never been a better time than now. Some studies have shown that hypnosis may help some people pack in smoking.

Whatever your reason for wanting to stop, it’s the right one. Come and do the stop smoking program, it’s easier than you think. Once you stop you don’t have to wait long to begin enjoying the benefits of a smoke-free life. Keep a written list of the good things as you begin to notice them. They might include feeling in control, saving money, smelling better, tasting food more vividly, and feeling more energetic. When the urge to smoke strikes, look at your list as a reminder of what you’ve gained from quitting. Prepare for first few weeks after you kick the habit, fill your days with things you want or need to do. Make plans to eat meals with family or friends, and try to steer clear of smoking temptations. The busier you are, the more distracted you’ll be from the urge to smoke.

So are you ready for a healthier lifestyle…………….?

The cost

The program is charged at £220.00