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Hi Tracy,
Just waiting for the hire car in Vegas now. The flight went really well, I felt practically fine the whole way. I was a bit nervous before take off but I used your mp3 and relaxed more than enough.
Thanks for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you.

Anon of Sheffield

Going to see Tracy is one of the best things I have done, it has helped me so much, the sessions were very enjoyable.

Anon, Rothetham

I went to Tracy for help when I was experiencing a very difficult time in my life, and decided her Hypnotherapy sessions may be able to help. Tracy took the time to listen and understand my situation, and did so in a way that was calming and non-judgemental. Through the 6 sessions I spent with Tracy, she was able to help me both reduce and control the Anxiety that was crippling parts of my life, and finally learn how to unwind and relax. You are always in full control of your session, and never need to worry about what may come up through your subconscious mind - Tracy is there to guide and help you - and you never know, you might have the breakthrough that changes your path and helps you move forwards in your life - like I did!

Anon, sheffield

I first visited Tracy after struggling with anxiety and emetophobia for 3-4 years. Tracy made me feel relaxed and at ease. I found it easy to talk to Tracy about all my problems and worries. The sessions I have had have helped me massively, day to day life is so much better and I’m a much more happier and positive person! Tracy taught me different techniques and ways of dealing with my anxiety and helped me overcome my phobia. I can now do the day to day things I found hard to do before and I am extremely grateful for the help I have received. I would recommend the sessions 100%.

Thanks for everything you have helped me with, I feel a completely different person!

Anon, Rotherham

When I first approached Tray I felt I was at a point where I may have had to go off sick at work due to the panic and anxiety becoming increasingly worse and making it impossible for me to attend meetings at work. I was reaching a point where the effect of panic and worry was starting to become debilitating, I felt unable to control the physical effects of panic. The sessions focused on achieving a goal each time and I feel the consultation helped me to understand why I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. At the end of a session I found that I was relaxed and empowered. I can honestly say that by the end of just 3 sessions I feel back to my ‘old self’, feeling much more confident and happy and not afraid to go into a meeting. The change is also that I do not dwell on the possibility of a panic attack and although this does still briefly enter my mind it does not overtake my thoughts and therefore since hypnotherapy I have not had a panic attack.

Thankyou for your support Tracy, I found the sessions enjoyable and you to be extremely approachable and I am really happy I found the support I needed!

Amy, Rotherham

I found the sessions Relaxing, constructive, focused on me and my issues, uplifting. Really helped me to cope with difficult times/days and given me the confidence to tackle more difficult tasks as well as vastly improving my ability to concentrate.

Andy, Rotherham

Fear of Flying

‘Just got back from holiday and I thought you'd like to know how I got on. Well you'd have been proud of me. Not one tear was shed! I even managed to walk up and down the plane and use the toilet, something I haven't done before, my parents were amazed.’

Anon, Rotherham

I was drinking every night at least 2 to 3 very large glasses of wine and a whole lot more at weekends. If not wine then spirits & slimline as I thought that was a better option sometimes. How naive was I or was I just trying to make myself feel better about drinking. I didn’t want to stop completely as I enjoyed a drink but I would like to have been able to make the choice of when I drank. The fact is I felt I had to have a drink when I got in from work no matter what time that was and of course what are weekends for if not having few bevies.Tracy offered me an opportunity to try her hypnotherapy, with no pressure to go home & never touch a drop again ( it was going to be my decision ). Well I was in complete shock after I got home from the first session. Hard to believe I know but I didn’t want a drink that night and over the next few weeks the cravings got less & less. I have had 4 sessions and have now gone from drinking every night, to drinking if i go out and that is now under control. She has taught me to realise that I am in control of what I drink & not the other way round as it was. I have always been one for being in control of my own life or so I thought however I now realise that the control is choosing NOT to have a drink.If you are wanting to kick a habit or to take control of something in your life I can’t recommend Tracy enough. I can honestly say I would never have been able to combat this without her help.
She truly is worth a visit.

Lyn M – Rotherham

I met Tracy a few times and on each occasion she has demonstrated expert knowledge in her field, I will have no doubt recommending Tracey’s services to family and friends.

J.C – Sheffield

I met Tracy a few days before I had a PCV test. I told her how nervous I was and she recommended EFT. I had heard of this before but was doubtful. I was tempted to go to the doctor’s for some pills. But I am so glad Tracy explained EFT to me. I couldn’t believe how it worked … it really calmed me down. I took the test and passed!! I have since attended Tracy’s EFT evening meeting and learned so much more about it and seen it work on other people. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracy to anyone. She is a wonderful person to be with, kind, professional and just brilliant!!
Thank you Tracy.

N.Davis – Sheffield

Testimonials-becoming more now!

You are worth it!

Anonymous testimonials

 “I would highly recommend Tracy
She is a warm kind lady with excellent professional skills.
I had never used hypnotherapy before and felt safe knowing Tracy would talk me through all aspects of the meeting.
I can honestly say I feel like a more confident calmer person in control of all parts of my life now.”

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